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Cooking Ripe!

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This year I planted tomatoes for the first time. I had planned to only have three plants because I wasn’t convinced that I would enjoy growing them – or be successful. Since I didn’t know a lot about the many plant choices, I ordered a variety pack from Burpees. One of those was called the Super Sweet 100 Hybrid, described as a high-producing sweet cherry variety. Then a friend gave me a couple of additional plants, which turned out to be cherry varieties, as well. So, out of five plants, I have three that are cherry! Know what that means? I have MILLIONS of itty bitties, and I wasn’t prepared for the influx of the little sweeties.

I started exploring other food blogs to figure out how to preserve…

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Author: Betsie @ Cooking Ripe!

I am a former teacher working in instructional design during the day and avidly gardening and cooking up the fresh bounty in the evenings and weekends. My husband and I are empty nesters who share our nest with our two Basset Hounds.

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  1. Bets, just came across an old recipe from a readers digest cookbook. Cherry tomatoes in brown butter sauce. Melt 4 T. Butter in skillet over low heat until turns a deep golden brown. Stir in 1 T. Lemon juice, parsley and tarragon. Add 2 c. Cherry tomatoes, washed and stemmed. Turn up to moderate heat and cook til skins burst, about 3 min. Serve with French bread for soaking up the fragrant herb butter. This sounds a bit like bruschetta I eat at olive garden but it’s cooked which may work since you don’t like raw tomato. Just thought I’d share, sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. Happy blogging!

    • Yum! That sounds really easy and really yummy, Janine. I bet it would be good over most anything – pasta, rice, etc. Now that I’ve spent so much quality time with tomatoes this summer, I mostly over my raw tomato issues, too 🙂

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